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Bleh, it´s already late, but I can´t sleep, so I´m posting a small survey thing I just did. The first one in the new blog, it´s all about friends. <3 Nothing too serious or pathetic, you all know that I love you anyway. XD Have fun with it…*has to get up earlier tomorrow* x_X


Name 10 of your best friends (no order)

1:: Mey

2:: Iri

3:: Steffi

4:: Felix

5:: Mina

6:: Mika

7:: Nicky

8:: Benny

9:: Meiko

10:: Terry

Have you…

Stayed the night with #6?: Yes, I did.*grin*

Hugged #3?: Yes.

Dated #9?: Erm…kinda?o_O

Partied with #5?: Not yet X3

Seen #4 cry?: Omg, no. o_O;;;

Had a deep conversation with #2?: Many of them.*lol*

Kissed #1?: At least I don´t remember doing it. XD

Done something illegal with #8?: Is sharing hentai pics and liking lolicon illegal? XD

Cried over #10?: Indirectly, yep.

Who is most likely to…

Bungee jump?: Felix, because he does ALL the crazy stuff. <_<;;

Pass out from drinking?: …Nicky. XD What a question!

Forget their name?: Mina, because she hates her real above everything else. XD

Go streaking?: Hm. o.o Depends on the situation…

Become famous?: Mika, because she has VITAMIN B. XDD

Have a 3-some?: *LOL* XD~~ Erm…let´s see…maybe Nicky if she´s drunk? *lol*

Never grow up?: Meychen <3

Try to take over the world?: Benny-Bunny, YAY! XD

Cross-dress?: …*ROFLROFL* If I force him to…maybe Felix?XD

Do almost anything for money?: Nicky & Iri – I mean, they work for EDEKA!! XD (just kidding, girls <3)

Who comes to mind when you hear…

Computer:: …I know most of my friends from internet. o.O

Cheese:: …I think Iri didn´t like cheese…?


Rainbow:: Meychen, because of the song „Ein Stück Regenbogen“ by Schandmaul.

Tissue:: Felix, because he should have used tissues instead of my MLS manga…*coughs*

Bird:: – insert idea here @.@ –

Tape:: Iri lend me a dvd that doesn´t work on my dvd player. q_q

Chinese:: Mika had a nice Chinese prom dress. <3

Wall:: Steffi, because there has been a hidden wall between us for a long time.

Marshmallow:: Felix, because I got a Marshmallow with my Tequila Sunrise two weeks ago. XD

Chocolate:: Meiko, because he always drank Ice Chocolate when we met.

Donkey: Meychen used e-Mule a long time ago…o_o;;

Superhero:: Mina – because BOBBY is the world´s greatest superhero!! XDD

Name something that only makes sense to you and…

#1:: Brauper

#2:: Lächeln für Lars <3

#3:: kleines Licht


#5:: Bobby. XD

#6:: Erm…erm…yami and yuugi?XD

#7:: Gay cars

#8:: Separation of the world population

#9:: Atomic Breasts?*lol*

#10:: Herbert ;O;

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