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Mood: bored~
Listening to: DBSK feat. BoA fest. the TRAX – Tri-Angle
Current obsession: writing stupid entries XD

Yes, it really says „no“. *drop* We had another prom practice today and I have the feeling that it´s getting more and more absurd the more often we try to do it. <_<;; I mean, that…military invasion I already talked about is one thing…but some uber-perfectionistic people in my grade are really about to crash the whole thing with their details and details and details…everything has to be so perfect as if we were some kind of celebs or something. o_O;; Stupid…but oh well…I don´t think it will work on that day, bwaha. XD After all, we´re just a big bunch of idiots who got their a-levels by accident. XDD

Awww, I´m so looking forward to Saturday evening! *-* Iri-Bunny invited me to go to „Ladies Night“ in Celle with her and her family. And after I learned today that this musical is an apaption of a very funny movie I have always liked very much, „The Full Monty“ (German: „Ganz oder gar nicht“), my joy is twice as high. X3 Oh my, Iri… I see us in 10 years, sitting in real strip bars and putting banknotes in some pretty mens´ underwear. XDD

A new musical obsession has occurred…it´s all Mina´s fault. XD I was at her place last sunday, and since she´s a big fan of several kinds of Asian music she showed me some videos and such…among other things a kind of…movie about a Korean boygroup called „Dong Bang Shin ki“. I don´t know if I remember it properly, but it seems as if the band had anounced that all theirs fans should hand in fanfictions which would be maybe used in the movie….the result was very funny. XD It has everything in it, horror, shounen ai, drama, humour…very cool indeed, even though I just CAN´T keep their names in mind.
Anyway, after that Mina showed me a music clip, which is a colaboration of three bands/singers: Dong bank Shin ki, the TRAX and BoA. And, OMG, that song is SO cool, it´s a total earcandy. >o<!! Okay, the boys in the video are…uber-cool, but I like the song really much. You can watch the video at The quality is horrible, but you gotta LOVE BoA´s part. <3<3<3

Hum…nothing more to tell. XD

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