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Happiness is just a word to me
And it might have meant a thing or two
If I’d known the difference

Yes, I´m still alive. *lol* My past days were quite busy, omg…so much has happened and I have so much to tell. I had decided to change my blog´s layout due to some graphic error that occurred in some browsers, but unfortunately I didn´t find the time to do it until now. But well, better late than never, so you can call this the second try. *lol* Everything *should* be working now, but I guess I can never be sure, so… I count on my dear visitors.*LOL* As you can see, I kicked the shoutbox for the sake of a clearer overview. And since the comments do work now, everything should be fine.
The navigation on the top is more for me than everything else, so don´t bother. XD Hope everyone is content now. *lol*

As I said, I would have SO much to tell, but I guess some things must be put aside in favour of more important things.
And the most important thing is….


We got our results last Monday and I was really, really curious. I mean, to be honest, I didn´t think that anything bad could´ve happened since both of my specialized courses´ teachers told me before that everything went well. But nontheless I was really nervous when the headmaster called my name and I had to go forward. And when he asked for silence and spoke out loudly that I had 15 points in English and 13 in Latin….omg, I was FINISHED. XD
But I couldn´t be that happy thoroughly because not everybody of my friends was that lucky…v_v But, oh well… if you read this, I wish you so much luck for the reexamination, lambkin! <3
So, at the end, my overall results are the following:

English specialized course: 15 points
Latin specialized course: 13 points
Biology written exam: 7 points (OMGWTF???<3)
History oral exam: 14 points
= makes a Numerus Clausus of 2,3 <3

I´m very much happy with that and a bit proud, because I didn´t think it would be that good. X3 Now it´s over, I only have to appear at my graduation party, prom night and a-level prank.

Oh well… I have a new hair color now. X3 I had my hair dyed by the hairdresser yesterday, uhuhu. At first, I only wanted to consult because of my prom hairdress, but then my haircutter had a brilliant idea… now I have very, very dark brown hair with glaring red highlights. <3 It´s not as freaky as it sounds, the highlights are not too demonstrative and the whole thing looks very interesting, I like it very much. X3 It was expensive, but oh well… I just passed my A-levels, so I can be brave and lavish at once. XD And it will match verrrry good with my prom dress. <3

Oh yeah, that prom night… I guess it will be fun, but at the same time I´m afraid of the invasion some very smart people planned. <_<;; The plan is to march into the hall in a very…fast measure (if you know „Stand up for the champions“ by Right Said Fred, you know what I mean by that)…should be looking like the clone warriors in „Star Wars“, but we only appear to be a bunch of drunk and hysterical champion shots, I´m afraid. *DROP* Maybe I should take off my high heel shoes for that?
Aaaand I got to know that the husband of my hairdresser is responsible for our food and one of the fellow hairdresser is going to be at the prom, too!! O.O What a coincident…the world is small.

Well…what else… I´ve been working a lot these days and it doesn´t seem to come to an end. Everyone who misses me in the instant messengers, I´m sorry… I need some time for myself at the moment, so please be patient. *bows* v_v

Last word goes to Benny-Bunny: YES, i WILL fix the smilies. XD

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