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All that you see is me
And all I truly believe
That I was born to try

It´s already half past midnight and I should be sleeping because I gotta work tomorrow, but it´s finally DONE, my new blog starts its work! <3<3<3
But, I can tell you, it was not an easy way until I had it the way I wanted. <.<;; You know, the longer I had that serendipity blogscript, the more I got unhappy with it, because it had so many disadvantages and too less possibilities to change the layout. Everyone who knows me is aware that I´m a layout freak and love to change my pages´ templates very often. XD
So I was searching for a simple newsscript which would be completely adaptable with all of my selfmade layouts. It was not an easy thing and I tried out so many of them that I can install and configure php-scripts in my sleep now. *drop*
Then I find this „CuteNews“ script, which was very nice for my new Dream Blog (, but still too simple for my big blog, because it had no wysiwyg-editor.
Then I found a Russian hacked version which would have been almost perfect, but what happened? The installation didn´t start and NOBODY from the russian staff could help me. <____<;;; Not even the developer himself…idiots, oi. -.-;;; They even deleted my forum account and the thread in which I was asking for help.
So I thought I would have to use simple Cutenews, but guess what happened? A new version came up which had EXACTLY THE SAME functions that the Russian version had. *O*~~
Now I´m using that one and I´m very content with it so far. X3
Benny-Bunny, you´re officially employed as the bug finder, kay? XD I bet if there is a mistake…you´ll find it. XD

The layout is very classic this time, very girly and such. XDD AND it features an artpiece from one of my favorite manga artists, Tohru Azumi! <3
Other than I announced I kept the shoutbox alive, even though the comments should be working now. It´s a nice way to exchange spam, so…XD Unfortunately, the green border around the buttons won´t disappear…they SHOULD be transparent like the rest of the box is, but oh well… same goes for the fat text in the comments. It doesn´t bother me that much, so stfu, ´kay?XD

So, let me expose my plans for the future:

+ Network Site (done)
+ Fatal Fascination Blog (done)
+ Abstractism – Dream Blog (done)
+ Art Page (in Progress)
+ Misc. Page (0 %)

Attention: The „“ address will soon be removed from the old blog to the network page! This blog´s address is Sorry for the „long“ address, but some functions won´t work with the

Hum yeah. So this is the next round. Welcome to the show. XD The first „real“ entry will follow tomorrow.

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