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Life´s a peanut

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So I start a revolution from my bed
‚Cause you said the brains I had went to my head
Step outside the summertime’s in bloom
Stand up beside the fireplace
Take that look from off your face
You ain’t ever gonna burn my heart out

Even though I should stay in bed, drink iced tea and think about nothing but how hot it is, I nonetheless thought I should write an entry again; the last time was long ago indeed and lots of things happened. I won´t write about everything, though. It´s just too much and I´ll forget to drop down most of it anyway. XD

So I´ll talk about the last few days. After Mey-chu left my place (*chu*) everything almost went the the same way as ever. Days are quiet, lazy and relaxing, even though I have a lot of work to do for my two extra lesson students. The parents asked me if I could also replace the current English extra lesson teacher, which means that I´ll be busy at least three days a week from now on. :3 It doesn´t bother me, because the payment is good and I have something to do in the afternoons. Even though both brats begin to drive me crazy. <_<

The day before yesterday was the opening night of „Pirates of the Caribbean 3“ and I was there. *squee* Felix came to my place beforehand and we watched PotC part 1 and a japanese movie called „Devilman“ (because he couldn´t get PotC 2 in the video store), which was quite good, wether brainless. XDD
When Felix heard that I had never eaten sushi before, we bought some in a sushi restaurant in the main station. It was…okay, nothing special in particular, but not bad either. But we also got a kind of mysterious soup, which smelled like an old, wet sponge and also tasted that way. >_< *shudder*
And theeeen we watched the movie. I don´t want to talk very much about the contents, because I know that some of my friends haven´t watched it yet and don´t want to be spoiled. But it was great. X3 Not as great as the first two, but very good indeed. I was slightly confused, because everything was very tangled and all… but I was very much pleased that they gave Cpt. Barbossa such a big role in the movie. He´s so cool!! *o*~ And Jack Sparrow of course, crazy as ever and even more than before. XDD
I´m a bit sad that it is over now, but I heard that the producers plan to await the selling records of the 3rd movie before they´ll possibly talk about a sequel. I´m not quite sure if I would like the thought that there are more „Pirates“-movies to come. I think the end was a good end and it would be strange to continue the story at any cost. But I would maybe love to see a prequel to the triology. Young Jack and his Daddy. XD

I FINALLY bought Final Fantasy 12. X3~~ I´ve been waiting to play it for such a long time…and it was a big surprise indeed. It´s so much different from the other parts, sometimes it´s like playing a grown-up version of Kingdom Hearts. Screw it, I hate the control system!! XD I don´t have much time to admire the (very good) graphics because the active fighting system is kind of a pain in the ass to control and I always have to be aware of monsters. Standing still is very dangerous. Might be exciting for some people, but I feel kinda stressed by it. v_v The positive point is that the game atmosphere and story are very good. It´s like a thriller, not a bit obvious and the missions are challenging. The world reminds me a bit of FF9, so it´s very classic and has lots of strange creatures in it. <3
The character designs are a bit…weird. I have the feeling that someone was a bit TOO anxious in his will to create human-looking figures, so that they don´t look like real humans anymore at all. This is strange, because the cg sequences are as beautiful as they can be. o_o Well, one gets used to it, and the characters are very likable. X3 I especially like Fran and Basch, but as I said, I´m just at the beginning of the game. Maybe I will get used to the crappy control system. I hope it, otherwise I´ll have a SMALL problem with the serious opponents. XDD

This blog needs a new layout. Definitely.

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