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Don’t you wish you could hold
The angel in the centerfold
The fantasy you couldn’t control

Yes, I´m back. :3 I´ve had some not so very good days, but now I´m fine again – that´s good, because I must. XD From this day on until sunday my parents are on vacation and I have the house for myself. Fortunately, I´m not alone in this big house *all* alone for the whole time. Meychen will arrive tomorrow evening and stay here until sunday. <3<3
And in a few hours, my friend Felix will come to visit me. We planned to do some drawing and then probably watching stupid movies the whole night through. XD Felix said something about a movie called „Starship Troopers“ or something like that. No idea what it is, but it sounds like some kind of trashy sci-fi movie, so yay! XD
But, this all also means that I´m not quite available during the rest of the week, so sorry to all those people whom I still owe a mail answer or a GB entry. m(v_v)m *bows* This is also gonna be just a short entry, because I still have some things to do (need a slave…really. XD).

Oh, but one thing about…books, yes, again. XD I went to the library the day before yesterday (just before my final breakdown.*drop*) and borrowed some books (FINALLY!!). I started to read one of it which has a topic that interests me to a big amount. Sappho. Most of my blog´s dear readers might not know who she was, but let me tell you that Sappho is one of my most favorite historical figures and a very admirable woman indeed. She lived in the ancient Greek times around 600 B.C. and was the very first female poet, which was an occupation limited to men. She founded the very first school for girls, because she thought it was a blatant inequity that only boys would be prepared for their later lives while girls had to be untaught in just everything until their husband would show them – or not.
In her school, the provided a proper education to young girls, which included writing, reading, several muses and arts and the very first sexual education especially for women.
But in first place I really love Sappho for her bitter, but yet beautiful love poems. She did not like the way men ignored the inner life of the heroes in their poems, so she created the famous „Sapphic Scheme“, which refers to a special kind of poem that became archetype for many other famous poets such as Ovid and Catull. The fact that she fell in love with some of her female students was a forbidden issue in Sappho´s time, so the only way to deal with her impossible feelings was to write about it. One of her most famous poems, the „odi et amo“ poem inspired many others to copy and alter it, but the meaning stayed always the same and describes the ambuguity of loving like no other. I chose the Latin translation by Catull and tried to translate it in an adequate way:

Odi et amo.
Quare id faciam, fortasse requiris.
Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.

I hate and I love at the same time.
How that, you may ask.
I don´t know, but what I know is that I feel it… and it tears me apart.

Oh well…maybe I´m the only one who is touched by that. ^^;; I´m looking forward to learn more about Sappho and the ancient Greece. <3<3

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