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If you’re seeing things
running through your head
Who can ya call?

I´m through!! YAYAYAY!!!! My a-level exams are finally over!!
Yesterday was my last exam, the oral one in history. I studied very hard for this one over the last week, because I was afraid of this exam the most. Plus I developed the strong urge to take revenge for my girls, who have been not very lucky in that exam, which made me a bit sad. So I studied and studied and learned datas by heart and read books over books to get to know as much as possible, so I could answer any question about background information and such.
Nontheless, I was REALLY nervous yesterday morning. But I was lucky again…don´t hit me, everyone, but I knew the material they gave me beforehand AGAIN. XDD But for my defense I have to admit that I did not understand everything about that two texts at all. XD So I always tried to sound very cool and all knowing during the examination….and it worked. *ROFL!* I´m such a lucky bastard, really. XD But before I knew the result I wasn´t that sure about that all… I had about 4 hours of time before we were supposed to get our results, so I went to have breakfast with Iri (thanks again that you came. That was quite important to me and took a good bit of sorrow from my mind. <3).
At 13:00h I got my result : 14 points, GOTCHA!!!! X3~~~ (okay, I almost fainted when I heard our headmaster reading out the result. XD) Far, faaaar better than I expected, but I´m really proud and glad that all the learning wasn´t for nothing.
And now I´m FREE <3

I can´t really get it by now… I woke up this morning and there was NOTHING in my mind of which I thought I had to do. Great, great feeling. I´ll enjoy the upcoming time. There are so much things I´d like to do and I don´t even know where to start. <3 These are (amongst other things):

+ Rockhouse on Saturday <3
+ Drawing
+ Going to the library and reading GOOD books over books!<33
+ Developing my sewing skills and make myself some nice accessories
+ playing FF12/8 and Pokemon XD
+ go to the cinema
+ finally watching the movie DVDs that have been lying in my closet for about an year
+ writing letters
+ Creating mysterious things for Iri´s Birthday~
+ re-animate some old homepage projects


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