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You thought you were so tough
You had it all under control
Now enough is enough
Gonna take back what you stole
Give it up, ‚cause now I’m back…!!

Omg…omg…I still can´t really believe that my written exams are now completely over. And I´m still alive (and kicking!!)! *_*
That Latin exam was…omg…the biggest coincidence EVER, believe me. I was really, REALLY nervous the night before and couldn´t sleep at all, because I had just forgotten all of the stylistic devices I´ve been learning for about…three years. But then I sat in that room, my little tea cup in my hands while the headmaster gave out the two choices… and I look at that one choice and read the text…and think…“No. This can´t be. You know that test. You know that text WORD BY WORD. O.M.GEEE.“ This was, because exactly that text (except 4 or 5 lines) was already used in my pre-abi exam. I mean, how much luck can a person have?! I really hope I did not the same mistakes as in my pre-abi exam. XD Anyway, I wrote 12 points there, so it can´t be that bad unless I´ve had a sudden blackout of which I don´t know. XDD
Geez… It´s such a good feeling to have this all done. And well done. At least my feelings say so, I don´t know what the results will be…but I can proudly say that I did the best I could.
Now it´s only my oral exam in history which is left. Wednesday is the day! And I will take revenge, Iri, promised!! ò__Ó I will learn for that from tomorrow and and blow them away with my super-special-awesome oral skillz!!11eleven! (or at least I´ll try. XD)

Yeah, as you might have noticed, my mood is very much better than two days before. That experience from today gave me some extra motivation and I think I´ll make it to the end of my exams without further depressions. XD Positive energy!! Enjoy it as long as it lasts.*lol*

As I already threatened in my last entry I´ll write a few lines about a very great book I read recently. It´s called „A dirty Job“ (Ein todsicherer Job in German) by Christopher Moore, and you can call it a black humorous fantasy book. A short overview on the story:

Charlie Asher has never had an easy live. He´s a „beta male“, not very good-looking, has several neurosises and a persecution complex and he owns an old second hand store in San Francisco. His life becomes even more absurd when his wife dies right after the birth of their daughter Sophie – but not under normal circumstances: He could see that a black man in a mint green seemed to take his wife´s life by stealing her favorite CD! After that incident, his life takes a strange turn: A mysterious book appears that claims Charlie to be an „agent of death“, a person who steals the sould of dying people and sells them in his shop to people who don´t have a sould! Plus, he has to deal with the cruel goddesses of Death, the Morrigans, his daughter who can kill people by calling them „Mietzi“, two giant hellhounds who like to rape his whole body and the…end of the world? Not the best job.

What makes this book very special is not the plot. The plot is crazy, but stupid, if there wasn´t the author´s  absolutely deep black humour. Really, I couldn´t help but laughing my head of while reading the book, because sometimes it´s just…evil. XD A very good book for those people who like evil and trivial humour a´la Terry Pratchett (forget him – Christopher Moore is WAY better!!) and need to get a …well, different view on all these death/paradise/reanimation myths.
I just started to read another book by this author…it´s called „The Gospel according to Biff“ (Die Bibel nach Biff), which is a satire about Jesus´ unknown teenage days, told by his childhood friend Biff. Great, great story. I will be writing more about it when I finished it. ^^

So…enough now. *tired* I need some sleep after that last horror night. XD

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