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…and what´s your profession?

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I`ll be the itch on your back
On a spot that you can`t reach
I`m the reason you crack
Yeah, I`m like a bad disease
Just because I can!

*yawns* Had to get up relatively early this morning for my very last Latin session in school before the big exam. Unfortunately, our teacher had forgot to tell us that she only had one hour of time for us because of a class trip. v.v Anyway, we finished our last task just in time…“Remedia“ by Ovid, a book that deals with the question: „Now I´ve got a girlfriend – But what can I do to get rid of her?“ XD Very amusing and charming as every Ovidian text.

Oh yes, finally I got my profession qualifying examination from the GEVA-institute back. (We were able to do this test one month ago for less than 1/3 of the normal price in school) I was a bit curious beforehand, but it was all…well…not a big surprise. XD The result consists of estimantions about my person, my working attitude and interests. In the end they gave me serveral profession references, which was quite interesting, because their references and my wishes just matched almost perfectly. But later to that point.
They attested me language skills far above the average….and at the same time they said that my mathematical skills lie faaaar below average, LOL!XDD What a surprise!*irony* So cool…I almost screwed up each and every math task, rofl.
They also found out that I´m not suitable for group work (oh wonder XD), very accurate and love details (ne Meychen?XD), have almost no spatial sense and can excellently put myself in someone else´s situation. That´s the essence of it. *lol*
Geva-sama also suggested three different kinds of professions for me:

1. Languages (Foreign Languages, Germanistik)
2. Graphics ( graphic design, communications design, commercial arts)
3. Art History / History / Sociology

Quite interesting, eh? That´s almost exactly what I think about when it comes to my future profession. Languages or Graphics/Art. *drop* Insofar… I did not learn anything terribly new. XD But it was good to know that I´m  not completely wrong with my thoughts.

Eiya, have watched „Hellboy“ in TV yesterday. <3 I´ve always wanted to see that movie, because I really like comic adaptions. That movie was… entertaining. Not the best I´ve ever seen (especially the plot was a bit far-fetched and badly squeezed into two hours), but the „hero“, Hellboy, compensated everything! <3<3 I really like that attitude of him and the way he mills his horns instead of shaving like other men. XDD Liz with the pyrokinetical skillz was also cool, but the other protagonists…hell forget it. Flat, flat, flat. But nonetheless I´d like to see the second part of it. :3 (2008, yay!)

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