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In my past life as a ladybug…

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I got more in me
And you can set it free
I can catch the moon in my hands
Don’t you know who I am?
Remeber my name!
I’m gonna live forever
I’m gonna learn how to fly
I feel it coming together
People will see me and cry

Yeah, this ladybug joke comes from my mum. XD I felt very bad this morning, because my sore throat hurt and I was nervous and couldn´t remember one thing of the biology crap I had tried to push into my head over the past weeks.
So, while I ran through the kitchen, my father came in and asked me if I ever had drunk a certain lemonade – which we used to drink together for about…5 years? So I asked sarcastically: „I can faintly remember drinking it, yeah…“ Then my mother came in and said: „Yes, this could be! I´m sure it was in your past life as a ladybug!“ ….we looked at her and suddenly all the three of us began to laugh very loudly, I don´t know…this was kinda relieving, even though the joke made absolutely no sense. XD But I felt better after it and stopped seeing things in such a pessimistic way.

And THEN, when I came to school and looked at the two exam choices…it was like…dunno, the biggest luck a person can have. XD The first choice was absolutely crappy…metabolism and stuff. And the second choice was about….slugs. No kidding. It was about slugs and their evolution. And this was EXACTLY what I read yesterday night (not exactly about slugs, but about this evolutional issues). I mean, what did I do to have such a big luck?XDD
I mean, I don´t think it´s a guarantee to get a good mark after all (because I totally suck in biology), but it was a chance. If it´s 5 points, I´ll be very happy. X3 Now I´m eased to a very big amount and everything looks much brighter now. NEVER EVER WRITE ABOUT BIOLOGY AGAIN, yeaaaah!!! <3<3 Is anyone interested in my biology notes and books? XD Otherwise I´ll BURN the whole shit right after I got my results, BWAHA. XD

When I came home after the exam (half an hour too early *lol* Scares me a bit…), my mum was all worried and suggested that we could go to the city, so I could let off steam.*lol* I wasn´t really depressed, but nonetheless I agreed, so we went shopping in Hannover. XD I didn´t really buy very much (only 4 Manga & one book), most of time we were in diverse fashion boutiques to find black trousers for me. XD But believe it or not, not one single shop in the whole city could offer me pants that would fit. <.< Have to go to the small shops in our neighborhood…city chicks must be all small and fat. (yeah, I know, these are elementary problems. XD)

Oh yes, me and my parents took some photos recently, because I needed them for a school project. But we also took some personal shots for ourselves, some of them are really funny/cool/stupid, so I´d like to share. XD [4.4.2013: Gelöscht, weil privat. ;D]

Mama will KILL me if she gets to know that I posted this in my blog…XD

Why do I laugh so stupidly on this photo, you ask? Well, look at my father´s stomach…or rather, the stomach he tries to hide…XDD
Praise teh shoulder of DOOM!!!
Is it a bird? Or a plane? ZOMG, no, it´s Noi trying to pose!! <o<

…okay, enough of the fun. XD I will go and read my manga now and then maybe play some FF8 or watch TV…it´s all one, because I want to relaaa~x!
*kicks off the emo-mode*

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