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Kick-Off no.1 : English!

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Listening to: Lyte Funkie Ones – sex u up
Current obsession: omfg, no more English!!

I wanna sex u up
I know the way you like it… Let me freak you out!

ZOMG, does anyone still know that song?? I had completely forgotten it until now, but it was very popular in the 1990´s… found it coincidentally by watching stupid videos and found myself LOVING it, because it´s so stupid and juicy and perverted and boyband-ish…I can´t help liking stuff like that. XDD For those of you who´d like to have a similar nostalgic flash : You can download the song HERE.

But, on to the topic…I WROTE MY ENGLISH GRADUATION EXAM today, wheeee!! First exam to tick off from the list…and really, it was a pretty good start. I hardly slept last night, but had to get up earlier than usually…so I was tired, nervous and pissed. XD Even more when i… smelled the room we had to take our exams in. And no window to open, only the small emergency exit at the very eeeend of the very biiiig room. x_x
The exam itself was…surprisingly nice. o.O I really wonder why I wasted the last three weeks by learning all the stuff.
We got two exam offers, one had the topic „American Immigration & Values“ and the other „Britain“. Both were short stories/ novel excerpts with four assignments. I chose the „British“ one because I can´t stand this America crap anymore.*lol* Have to deal with that in my oral history exam anyway.
The novel exerpt was about a Oxford student, Sebastian, who took his (boy-)friend Charles (no kidding, I was almost sure this was going to be a kind of attendance… and I´m NOT hallucinating this time!!XDD) to his house, a very big aristocratic manor, in order to introduce him to his former nanny, Nanny Hawkins. During their stay, Charles learns about Sebastian´s distant and almost derogative attitude towards this big, vast house and his always absent family.
Our tasks were 1.) to sum up the information given about the family members 2.) Examine Sebastian´s attitude towards his home and family 3.) Analyse the language and the atmosphere being evoked by it. 4.)  Compare Nanny Hawkins´s and Stevens´s (character from our compulsory lecture „The Remains of the Day“) relationship to their employers.
Really, that was…not difficult. But I don´t want to lean to far out of the window..maybe I screwed it up anyway after all. XDD

Next is biology on Saturday!! ò_ó *snores!!*
Today I will take a day off from learning…I´m just too tired to do anything.*lol*

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