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Mood: tired~
Listening to: DJ Cosmos – Send me an Angel
Current obsession: Uhm… citrate cycles? XD

It get’s in your eyes
It’s making you cry
Don’t know what to do
Don’t know what to do
Looking for love
Calling heaven above
Send me an angel
Right now

Just a short entry.
No, I´m not desparate, neither have I nothing better to do. I just felt like sitting around far after midnight and creating a new layout for my blog. Harr.
I really wanted something…dunno…I thought it would be nice to have either a spring related design or something red, dark and naughty. I decided for the latter, because I wanted to do something with that certain image for a longer time. It´s from the yaoi game „Fanatica“, which I have never played, but own the CG set (I´m collecting cg sets <3) and really, REALLY loved that bloody boy. He´s gonna be my new blog guardian/pet/notional mattress. XD
I like the colors to some extent…usually, I don´t really like pink, because it won´t really fit to any other color, but this time I´m pretty content with the result.
Nothing else really changed…I fixed some of the links and exchanged the self-portrait.*lol*

Tomorrow will be the last day of my very last school holidays…symbolically. I won´t have lessons during my exams, but I will meet with my Latin/Biology courses to compare how far we´ve come. I can imagine the meeting with my biology teacher and my only fellow sufferer…“Well, Anna, what did you do in the last three weeks?“ „Errrm…well…like…1/3 of the contents…?“

But I have to say that I´ve come quite far in the issue of understanding things I´ve never learned before due to the great biology lessons I got during the last two years. */bitter irony* I was pretty amazed when I finally understood the principle of the citrate cycle and the whole ATP crap. Wow. Never heard about it before, but it makes sense somehow. 9_9

Well…nothing more to tell. |D *creeps to bed*

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