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Preparing for the Learning-Holidays

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Man, it´s just a GREAT feeling to know that the weekend is almost over and I don´t have ANY homework to do…nevermore!BWAHA!
I spent the last two days with arranging my documents and compiling a schedule, so I can start my learning sessions for the a-levels in a structured and well arranged way from tomorrow on.
As the avatar already says, I won´t be at home for a certain time. My parents suggested that we could spend a few times at the North Sea coast, where we own an estate. Normally, I don´t like being there all alone with my parents and almost completely cut off the civilisation, but this time I think it´s a very good idea. I won´t be distracted there, and there will be only me, my books and silence. <3
So I won´t be online in this time:

March 26th – March 30th ~ Noi is away!

Aside from setting up schedules and stuff, I really tried to enjoy the last days without thinking too much about my upcoming exams and panicking. Friday afternoon I went to the library….the very big city library!! @_@ *drools* I´ve never been there before, because the way is long and I always borrowed by books in the smaller library in the Podbi-Park. BUT! OmfG, that city library is AMAZING! I could hardly hold myself back from straying thorugh the novel sections…they have FOUR (!!) floors full of books, awww~~!!
But I was there to get some academic/school/specialized books and don´t have time for fun reading at all, so I tried to ignore all those tempting books…SIGH!

After that my mother suggested that we could search for a certain medieval/gothic clothes shop she had read about somewhere in the internet in the search for nice prom night dresses. I had the problem that I wanted to have a special dress for my prom…but it seems to be that all shops only sell ordinary, boring dresses with the same cut. Hurray, clone chicks all over the way.*drop*
Anyway, I searched the net for pretty dresses and found some I liked, but still hold off because of the price and the danger of wrong size.
Good heavens, sometimes I love my mum´s curiosity! That shop (Imax) is the GARDEN EDEN!! *___* Umpteen garments, goth and medieval dresses,AND nothing would cost over 70 Euro!!!11!!LALÜLALA!
I tried on dozens of dresses, corsetts, skirts and blouses on (the goth shopman seemed to be a bit irritated due to that crazy mother/dauther team that desolated his shop XDD) and finally found my outfit (+ a very nice shawl and a blouse)!<3
Because my digicam won´t do its work, I searched for the two pieces of my dress in the net and found them!

This is the upper part of my dress. <3 It´s a corsage-looking top. The side frames are made of black velvet, while the rest of the top are some kind of fabric laying underneath a very fine net material. <3 The lacing is fringed by tiny roses and rose leaves, SO pretty! Because the top tapers off at the bottom, the body sides will be shown. <3

THIS is the best and funniest part of the dress, the joker skirt. X3 Unfortunately, the photo won´t show all the pretty details and the cut, so I´ll try to explain…The skirt is full-length and consists of two layers. The bottom layer is technically a simple silk skirt, cut like a trumpet. The top layer is something special – it consists of jags, and on each jag there is a tiny, tiny tinkerbell attached!<3<3 So I´ll be the queen of jokers at the prom!XDD

And guess what I payed for both pieces? Nah? Skirt : 8 Euro; Top: 15 Euro!! *o*~ Expensive ugly dresses, go home!!
I will definitely visit that shop again and buy more clothes. <3 I really like goth/medieval style clothes, but I don´t own many because they´re usually very expensive…v_v But now that I found Imax I´ll restructure my closet!!XD

Wellwell, that was it…the next time I´ll write here I´ll probably be all stressed because of my a-level learning. XDD
See ya~

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