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Come on, come on, come on,
let´s go!
We don´t need a holiday, it´s time to celebrate!

So that was my very last school day. The last lesson I had was biology, the last homework I did was an English worksheet called „common mistakes“ and the last thing I ate was a salami sandwich. Yay. XD

Fortunately, everything was not as pathetic as I had feared. Since we are supposed to meet our specialized courses´ teachers once again after the holidays (and at the a-levels) none of them gave a touching speech or something. Even though, I find myself thinking that this day was quite…strange anyway.

It began when my mother woke me up this morning and said „Hey, this is the last time I can do this while you´re still a student!“ and ended with Nicky shouting „Fuck you!!“ at the school building.
After 13 years it´s hard to realize that I won´t return to that school as a normal student. I will be there as examinee and later as a graduate (hopefully XD), but tha won´t be the same.

People are right when they say „You won´t appreciate what you have until you´re going to lose it“. Now that I come to think about it…I´ve had many bad times during the last 13 years, school annoyed me to hell, I hated the work and I shed tears and sweat…but still, it was a safe thing. A routine. A red thread through more than the half of my life. It will be hard to give all these things up and create something entirely new. But I´m positive about it. If school taught me one thing, then it is to be persistent.

But in all my euphoric mood, there will be some things I´ll be missing once it´s over…and these things are worth to be listed:

  • The daily chattering with my girls. Irena, Nicky, Almke. Thanks to them I had two awesome years. One could say they saved me from my outsider status and showed me how wonderful it can be to have not only one good friend, but three of them. The only thing I regret is that we haven´t met before the 12th grade. But I think we grew together the best way a true girly gang can. <3 Thanks for your friendship.
  • My Latin course. I have never been in a course that has a greater attitude towards the subject, the contents, the teachers and each other. I really liked the lessons, especially in the complete combi course. Di vos laudent – The gods may praise you!
  • The library. T_T That was my favorite place in the school – always warm, calm, lots of books, great outlook. My oasis of secrecy and silence, where I could listen to some of the funniest teacher conversations (hidden behind the corner, where my regular desk was). XD
  • Jörg.*lol* I still don´t believe that he is supposed to be human. I bet he must be an alien!XD I´ve never met a person that could make me laugh and annoy the hell out of me – at the same time. Good old uncle Jörg. I´ll be missing the everyday „Let´s be POSITIVE!!“ sessions.
  • My drawing sessions in biology. It´s bad, I know. XD But I was always looking forward to the biology lessons in which I had the seat in the back of the classroom. Wow, you won´t believe how many pictures I was able to produce during the last two years. XD

But there are also some things that can go straight to hell with a strong „Fuck you“:

  • Maths. Math exams. Math lessons. Math teachers. Math contents.
  • Biology. Sports.
  • Mrs. Grimmelt, my last German teacher. Thanks for the 8 points, bitch.
  • The annoying, stinking, impertinent lower grade students a.k.a the brats.
  • The false „Oh, we´re all best friends, Sweetie!*smooch, smooch*“ attitude among some of my fellow students. Get lost. I don´t care about you. And you don´t give a damn about me. You know it.
  • The persons who spread the rumor that I was well known for skipping sports lessons…in front of the teacher. If I ever get to know who did that…cowards.*cracks with her knuckles*
  • Mr. „So you´re rich and mighty? Let me kiss your ass!“ C.W. (you know whom I mean)
  • the messy toilets in the basement.Eep. It lives!!

Now that was a long list.*lol* But it helps.

Oh yes, what we also did today was taking photos…lots of photos!<3<3 I´ll post the best ones here, because they are important memories as well. (Click the thumbnails for the larger image)

The four Graces…blinking against the sun. XD

I always wished for someone who carries me on their hands…*grin*

Yo, Peace!!<3 Our school´s entrance harmonises with Almi´s coat. XD

The „Positives Anonymous“ at their best!

So THAT´s what those masts in front of our school are for!!

*leaves now for the…big library* <3

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