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The short good-bye

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Not where you stand
Nor where you are
It matters only where you look
To take the good
With all that’s bad
It is the only way to go

The last days held two different good-byes ready for me…but no sad ones. YAY!!

1.) The best message ever: No more MATHS for me in my whole LIFE !!!!!!!11reportlalülalaaaa!!! *___* Oh heavens, how I urged for this day to come…13 long years… it´s still so…so…great that I can´t realize it!XD Maths have always totured me… made me shed tears over tears… messed up my school reports… and annoyed the fricking hell out of me. Now it´s over. So…. FAREWELL!!! >X3~~~~

2.) Same here: No more history and sports lessons for me!! Strike!! I only have to take my oral history exam in May and then I can technically burn all my materials. :3~

That´s one thing I´m really looking forward to…burning and shred all of my unloved school materials, harrharr. I´m urging to see my math notebooks BURN!

Tomorrow will be my…yeah, my very last regular school day. I´m still not able to realize it yet…today I´m really euphoric and all…but I doubt that it will be that way tomorrow afternoon, when it will be all over. At least school was a 13 year lasting habit, it affected nearly my whole life…it will be strange without it. But I don´t want to think about it. Not today. I´m happy right now and don´t want myself to become melancholic and emo again.^^;;

I was quite laborous during the last few days…because I fear that I won´t be able to do ANY time-consuming free time activity once I will start learning for my a-levels. I should have done so already, I knooow…but there were still some things I wanted to finish before concentrating on learning (beside the fact that I´m simply lazy XD).
First of all, I renovated Mey´s and my RPG homepage for our „Götter&Gesocks“ RPG…this was very important for me because…yes, this whole project is very important for me. And letting it´s homepage go to seed would be like giving the whole thing up. Because we were both quite busy since the new year began, Mey and I had to disregard our regular writing to some extent, which is very sad (at least I think so). So I always need something to do with that content, if it´s drawing or to mess around with the homepage, even if it it´s kinda useless sometimes to do all that by myself and for myself. I´m fond of doing that, so I´ll continue creating useless things. :3

In line with the renovation I created a personality test by myself. It features Mey´s and my original characters, but maybe some of the persons who read this blog (brave you are *nods*) still want to take it. :3 The test is called „Which G&G uke are you?“ (the test itself is in German, sorry my foreign friends v_v), so I guess it´s more…for the girls among us. XD (Iri, I bet Fritzi will shoot you if you give him this test…it´s way worse than the seme/uke test. XDD But I´d like to know your result *LOL*)

Welcher G&G Uke bist du?

Have fun. Or not. Whatever. *leaves for watching TV* XD

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