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No school plz~

Mood: unmotivated
Listening to: Samsas Traum – Der Fährmann
Current obsession: a mixture of Photoshop/Samsas Traum/FF8

Nichts wird Dir die Last abnehmen,
Du hast sie als der zu tragen,
Der Du bist, Du hast Dich auf der
Weltenbühne zu verbeugen.
Dies ist deine Rolle, und Du
Kennst die Antwort auf die Fragen,
Denn die Schläge deines Herzens
Sind es, die von Leben zeugen.

Great, this was supposed to be the last weekend in my regular school life….and what do I do on sunday? Wasting my time at a crappy comittee meeting, argh! I really don´t feel like going there, but it seems that I have to…T_T

I spent my time by doing all the things I like yesterday…drawing and coloring pictures, reading a good book, playing FF8, eating and watching stupid casting shows. <3 It was relaxing, even more because my mother was up again and we could sit together for a while and talk. X3

As I said, I read a very good book…it´s called „Am Ende des Schweigens“ (at the end of silence) and written by Charlotte Link, a German author who writes surprisingly British. I like that style…the book is a psychological crime novel, but quite bloody indeed. It´s one of those books that drive you crazy, because the plot is SO tangled and the relationships THAT complicated so you think at some point that there CAN´T be any more unveilings! But of course there are….I really like reading about family tragedies and stuff, I don´t know why…maybe I´m interested in other people´s problems and muddy past. XD Peeping Noi~ Nevertheless, the book was very good, but the end was a bit….disappointing, because the murderer was so…obvious from the beginning. But Mrs. Link fooled us all by putting us off the scent. XD

Oh, and I have a new musical obsession…It´s „Samsas Traum“, a German gothic band. I downloaded the songs „Für immer“ and „Es war einmal“ out of interest and I LOVED them…then I downloaded more and more and…developed a kind of twisted relationship to that band. They amaze and disgust me at the same time. On the one hand, I really like the way they arrange their songs. Melodies, intruments and voices are arranged in a way I adore. But on the other hand, their lyrics are very…hard and disturbing sometimes. I heard the record „Tineoidea – Eine Gothicoper in Blut-Moll“ (Tineoidea – a gothic opera in blood minor) and…wow. That´s really hard stuff. It´s hard to explain what the story of this opera is…it´s kind of a modern, yet surreal version of the genesis, and everything centers the planned murder of Lilith´s unborn child. The protagonists sing about „foetus extermination camps“, where bleeding babies hang from the ceiling and stuff like that…it gives me some good goosebumps when I listen to things like that, but it´s fascinating at the same time, because the contents and words are so unsparing and pitiless.
Fatal fascination? We´ll see. XD At least I have to be a bit careful while listening to lines like „I´ll become a Taliban!“…*cough*COULD be misunderstood if someone doesn´t know the hidden meaning of the lyrics…

Well now, I´ll leave for the abibook meeting…*grumbles* v_v

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