(Should be) all about A-levels

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Current obsession: FF8…shame on me. XD *should be studying*

Like the sand can seep right through your fingers
so can all your days
As those days go by
you’ll have me there
to help you find the way.

The last day brought some easement to me, thank goodness. My mother could stand up for the first time today and she´s feeling way better by now…my father has still some health problems not only because of the illness but also his operation wound. Walking is very hard for him, he can hardly do it for a longer time. Fortunately I had very few lessons this week, so I could stay at home and help the best way I can…it´s strange, no sooner my mum drops out, everything goes all chaotic and difficult.*lol* Well, I tried my best…and at the same time I tried not to get ill as well. I succeeded so far, so I hope that I won´t get this illness at all. Mercifully, it´s weekend now, so I can see things more relaxed.

Today I handed in my application for the a-levels. The blank was easier to fill out than I thought, and since I have enough courses and scores I don´t think there will be any problems with the application.
But at the same time, this reminds me that it is getting very serious by now…next week will be the very last school week in my LIFE (as a student), so I feel a bit…don´t know…nervous and elated at the same time. And every time it comes to my mind just what I STILL have to learn for the a-levels…uuh, my stomach starts to hurt. >_<;; I´m not afraid of English and Latin (my intensive courses), nor am I of History (not really…but I´m scared of the oral examination itself, no matter what subject is XDD)…but biology.*argh* I mean, biology class in the last two years was…yeah, for the birds. I will have to figure out almost everything myself, grrreat. And I am SO not talented for biology. Screw it.

Oh, yeah…another senseless talk about my gaming: To becalm myself within the last days I played a lot of FF8…now I´m on CD2 and it´s slowly getting…well, interesting. Because there are things I really don´t remember, so it´s kind of a challenge to solve all the tasks and stuff. And I found out that I have MUCH more fun playing it now than the years before…because of that dirty little mind of mine. XD I had never noticed before that there are really DOZENS of slash (or at least sexual) hints in this game, LOL! I mean, I have a good imagination, but I can´t believe that I am the only one who sees that indices!<_<!!
For example:
The party has been kidnapped by evil Cifer. The scene takes place when Squall (the main character) is chained to a kind of Jesus-Cross, because torturer!Cifer & Co want some information from him. When Squall asks Cifer about the party, the follwing „conversation“ takes place *shortened*:
Cifer: „Oh, yeah, your little friends. Yes, they are still alive, but in this prison as well. But I chose to take you first because I like you best.“ (I imagine this with an evil!grin XD)
Squall: „…you´re just Edea´s torturer, Cifer…the one who does the donkeywork.“
Cifer: (I wish there was a synchronized version of this) “ *chuckles* I thought you would be the one who is most persistent. I bet we will have a lot of fun together…“ [the light is switched out (!)]
…NOW tell me that it is not obvious.*lol* Riiiight, FSK 12…..XDD

Oh, Wednesday was Whiteday…so, everybody who might have sent me something for Valentine´s Day…feel cuddled or something.*lol* I did not feel very well on that day, so I did not prepare anything at all…BUT I got something veeery cute from Mey-chu!! T^T I just have to post it, because it´s so CUTE and made my day!
Thank you again, Meychen!<3 Me lovors you, too!*muff*
OH, and before I forget it (even though it´s already too late) – GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR MATH EXAM!!!*thumbs up!!*

Wow, this turned out to be a longer entry than I intended to write…*lol* But now it has to have an end…*wants to play FF8* XD

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