Anger Management

ready to fuel the epidemic

Mood: paranoiac
Listening to: Dance Dance Revolution – Sakura
Current obsession: not getting ill

Oh man…I don´t believe it. This day was totally messed up from the beginning. My father came over and woke me up, because…my mother got the same illness as he has over night. Great. Now I´m here with a father who can hardly stay up and a mother I´m not allowed to see because of the high infection risk.
And at that, I think I´m getting ill as well…maybe it´s just the paranoia because I´m surrounded with ill people, but it doesn´t feel very good in my stomach since I had the last meal. @_@ But the thing is that I just CAN´T get ill right now!! The day after tomorrow would be okay, but tomorrow we have a very important meeting for the a-level registration in our school…I´m not allowed to miss it!
So I´m quite desperate at the moment and don´t know what to do and how to prevent myself…and who will care for my parents if I´m not able to anymore? My brother can´t, he has his own problems and illness…

This situation is nothing but shit…maybe I´ll stay at home tomorrow morning (if I will be still healthy then) and just go out for the graduation meeting…

Fuck it.

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