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Ich sag´ die Welt ist eine Scheibe,
Und ich sag´ sie dreht sich doch!
Sie dreht sich vorwärts, rückwärts, seitwärts,
Immer so wie ich es will!
Und wenn mich Gott nochmal zum Narren hält
Wird er an mir verzweifeln!
Mit dem Rücken an der Wand,
Hebt mir den Spiegel vors Gesicht!
Ich trotz´ dem Himmel und der Hölle,
Trotze Sonne, Mond und Sternen,
Trotze Allem, Nichts und Jedem,
Trotze dem Wind, seinen Gesetzen!
Denn nur wer kämpft mit unverlernter
Zärtlichkeit, der kann verlieren,
Doch wer nicht kämpft hat schon verloren;
Und für den Kampf bin ich geboren!

What. a. Week. And it´s finally over. I wrote my VERY last regular exam on friday, held two speeches and fought with my flu. I´m tired now, really really tired. And even though I should be happy that everything went very well I feel a certain indifference…like a marathon runner who just wants to pass the target line and doesn´t matter if he wins or not. And Furthermore, I´m a bit angry and annoyed…almost all the time. Like a ticking bomb, ready to explode. But I never do. I´m just too damn tired of…all this.

Yesterday, it was a big relief for me to hear that I won´t get less than 5 grade points in biology. This bugged me very hard over the week, because if I would have been given less than 5 points, I could have forgotten my a-level admission.
As it seems I won´t be able to prevent my sports teacher from giving me less than 5 points…that´s more than ridiculous, but I can´t change it. I will meet my three ladies tomorrow and try my best to dance my feet off, even though my health is more than tattered.
Wasn´t able to sleep the last two nights…*yawn*

Lemme talk about something more enchanting and less interesting. Final Fantasy 8. Because I had lots of free time today I was able to play ff8 for about…4 or 5 hours in a row. I still think it´s the worst of all ff parts, but since Final Fantasy in general is GODLIKE, you can have some good fun with ff8, too. At least it´s SO nostalgic. The last time I finished playing it was…about three or four years ago I think. Now I see some things in an entirely changed view. For example, I hate Rinoa EVEN MORE now, because I see very clearly that she is the incarnation of every Mary-Sue you can think of. Really. x_X I mean, look at her, her dog´s name is ANGEL! And it´s a COLLIE!!
But what I appreciate about FF8 is that the Guardian Forces/Bestias/Summons are extremely cool. Okay, there are some silly things like the „Bull Brothers“ (whose attack is named „mad cow disease“), but even they have something going for it. XD And Diabolos is simply the coolest monster you´ve ever seen!x__X (Meychen, he would be the perfect pet for Vayle, I swear XDD They share the same attitude and colors)
I just finished the first CD…dunno when I´ll be able to go on, because tomorrow I´ll be quite busy.*sigh*
And I want FF12 SO BADLY!! T___T~~~!! But it was sold out in every shop I was asking for it…*cries* Must be a good game…no wonder, it´s Final Fantasy!XD

Oh, and before I go to bed, one more thing…because my crappy weblog won´t allow me to write comments myself. Dear Meiko:

I´m glad you could amuse yourself by reading my earnest entries. Must be an even more humourous person than I have ever thought, and I bet you would laugh your ass off if you actually had a single clue about what I was writing. Well, but maybe not – Personally, if I were you, I would be thoroughly ashamed.
I won´t say anymore about this. If you want to talk about this someday in the future AGAIN then think about what you want to say before letting it all out. I´m deeply disappointed.

So, now I´ll stop it here…*tired* Need some more tissues and my bed after the dsds results…XDD

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