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Mood: relaxed…kinda.
Listening to: Sylver – Turn the Tide
Current obsession: whatever

You have the bravest heart
The strongest emotions
After all the harm I’ve caused
You still want my lovin‘
I can’t believe
I still receive
So much affection from your side
If you could give me one more chance
I’d love to turn the tide

Fourth day of my illness and it´s getting better. Finally. My nose looks like a damn red balloon and even my hips start to hurt again because of the nose blowing, argh…I don´t want to look in the mirror, really.
Nontheless, I went to school yesterday and today to write my exams…same will be on friday. Today I took my VERY last German exam, YAY!!! No more boring lessons and no more need to look in that bitch-teacher´s face. I could start sobbing now, harr.

Well, because it got a real raw deal in here lately and I have the strong urge to write my feelings down somehow…I´ll talk a bit about what happened lately.

As I already said shortly in one of my last entries, I got a positive answer from the person I sent my reconciliation request to. Plus, I got a positive answer from the third person, Terry, who offered me her friendship.
I mean, that….everything went on so fast. I´m really, really happy to have Stefanie back and I met Terry and found out that she, too, is VERY nice and I already like her a lot. That makes it far more easier, but at the same time, there is still this mean little thorn in my thoughts. I don´t really thing that it can make like „BOOM!“ and everything is the same as before. Saying „I love you“ has a different meaning now and it still hurts a bit. Sometimes I wonder if I´m performing a play or something. A play that good that I myself don´t recognize that it IS a play after all.
Wanting to pay my part of the dues, no matter what.
I guess these doubts will be getting better after a certain period of time…but right now, everything is just so new and confusing.
But, no matter if it is a play…it is due to my honest wish to end this chapter and begin a new, better one.
Even more since I found a really, REALLY cute artwork today while I was searching something completely different…I got this from you-know-who in 2005, it´s my all time favorite gift I got from Stefanie, even though it´s a bit sad…I thought I could scan it, so it won´t get lost again. Here it is … the two were story characters of us. To set the record straight…mine is the boy on the left. *lol*The scan is terribly bad, but yet I love it.

Well…what else…my dad came home from the hospital today, but he´s not feeling very well at the moment…no wonder. But he´s already good in complaining and screaming around again. XD

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