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Sick & Tired

Mood: sick
listening to: Les Miserables – I dreamed a Dream
current obession: tissues & novels

But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
And they turn your dream to shame

´cause I´m ill at the moment and just can´t lie in bed anymore I thought I´d write another blog entry and complain about my shitty weekend.(what else could be a sick girl´s right?)

The last weeks were emotionally hard for me, even though most things took a good ending. So I wanted to enjoy my weekend to the fullest, but it ended up with one disappointment after the other.
I had agreed to my friends to join them by going to our very last vintage party on friday. I was looking forward to it to a degree, indeed. But when I got there and saw them playing drinking games right before the party was to start, I knew I should have turned around and go home instantly. But noo, they are my friends and I trusted them to behave well, even though I had a bad feeling about it.
Oh, it wasn´t bad at all. It was the hell.
Drinking is okay to me. Drinking some more may be okay, too, but I don´t think people should do that if they don´t have any self-control. It was just one big fun for them, but big embarassment for me. Guys, you should´ve seen yourself.
But anyway, it was their big fun, and I didn´t want to spoil the party with complaining. BUT – I just can´t believe that people can be so drunk and so selfish that they even forget and leave behind their friends for the sake of some booze-up.
I was so lucky that I was not all alone at all. But, I don´t want to think about what could´ve happened if Felix wasn´t with me that evening. There were some bullies that tried to hook up with me on the outside, yay. Maybe THEY would´ve taken care of me instead of my drunk friends.
Great evening. Haha.

I spent the rest of the evening with my friend Felix alone in a Mexican bar, drinking ice-tea and talking. It was a nice completion of this frustrating evening, and I can´t thank Felix enough for coming with me that night.

Well, the next day I felt very bad. I had a strong nicotine hangover the whole day through and was not able to do anything but lying around and sleep. Even though I went to the cinema with Felix on the evening. We watched „Pan´s Labyrinth„, which did not exactly lift my spirits…cruel movie

Yesterday was my working day and I even felt worse, so I didn´t go to school today. My head, nose and throat hurt and I´m coughing all along. I think I´ll only go to my history exam tomorrow and then go back to bed.

Creepy weekend.

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