Falling out of old patterns

Mood: *yawn*
Listening to: Schandmaul – Der Clown
Current obsession: English RPGorn, YAY

Flugs hebt er den Fuß
mit dem viel zu großen Schuh,
schlägt sodann ein Rad,
und all die Kinder schau´n ihm zu.
Er lächelt immerfort
und aufhören kann er nicht,
mit rot-weißer Farb´
untrennbar im Gesicht.
Die grüne Pluderhose,
rote Haare, bunter Hut,
gehör´n zu der Fassade,
zu der Mauer die er zieht.
Stein um Stein um sich herum
kein Blick sie je durchdringt.
Wer will schon wissen ob ein Clown
auch nach der Show noch singt?

When I heard this song for the very first time (three days ago), it almost made me cry. It seems to be a very rare song, because I did not know it before (or I have missed one album oO), which is a shame…Schandmaul are masterminds, they just know how to evoke emotions (at least my emotions).
For the ones who would like to listen to that wonderful song…you can download it from

This weekend was full of strange happening. Some were good, some bad.

I met two veeee~ry nice persons from the DN RPG forum where I´m member. <3 +huggles Renji & Shelli-sama+ Renji and I have many things in common, it´s almost scaring. XD We plan to write a Light/L RPG very soon…and already collected some (crack) Plotbunnies, I bet it´ll be a big fun. XD
Shelli-sama and Noi-wan have already started a RPG…BUT!! Guess what!!XD I left my regular OTP-paths and accepted to write +gasp+ L/Matsuda!! +LALÜLALA!!+ I bet there is at least one person who´d like to kill me for that, but….I….LIKE it. Really, I´ve always wanted to experiment around, try out different pairings and such…so I have lots of fun writing with Shelli-sama, especially because it´s been a longer time since I have written a rpg post. ^^;;; +was longing for it+ Anyway, I´m curious how this´ll figure out. :3
…poor Light…+points to avatar+ You´re still the one for L, so stop freaking out. XD

Noi-wan is so clumsy…I cleared out my shelf today and rearranged all the mangas…and guess what happened? Luxated my hips. x.X I can´t walk properly, it hurts too much…I hope the pain will be gone tomorrow, otherwise I will have to see the doctor…uhh…

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