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Be my Valentine?

Mood: finished x.x
Listening to: Dune – Million miles from Home
Current obsession: Icon making

I was sent to outer space
To find another happy place
Now I’m left here all alone
Million miles away from home
Floating through the galaxy
All the stars in front of me
Now I’m left here all alone
Million miles away from home

This. Song. is the most terrible catchy tune I can think of. XD I mean, that song is GREAT, but yet so…stupid. You have those 8 lines only. A thousand times in a row. In one and the same pitch. It´s BRAINWASHING!!!

But, anyway. XD I wish everyone of you a very, very happy Valentine´s Day! <3 Even though it´s just another holiday for the sake of commerce, take it as a chance to say one more „I love you“ to the person you care for, everybody!
This morning started quite unexpected. School was to start two hours later for me, so I was still at home when the postman came. He brought two letters and a rose for me. I was… happy about it, somehow. Maybe because I expected this year´s Valentine´s Day to be all dark and unpleasant. But I was really pleased.

It´s …funny, when I think about the last few Valentine´s Days I remember that I mostly made my preparations days before. Well, these days are over, but holidays have the unpleasant property to dig out old memories and stuff…but it´s more a bitter-sweet feeling than sadness or something like that.

Oh, but I gave a rose to a guy myself, yees!XD But it was more a funny meant rose…and it was not a real rose but a drawn one. XD I felt sympathy with the poor guy who was complaing that the did not get any roses at all, so I drew one for him. *lol*

Oh, yes, because Mey wanted me to do this…I´ll post one of my writing tasks in here. The task was to write a modern short story about Romeo & Juliet. I chose to write a „dialogue“ between Romeo and dead Juliet…but honestly, I´d rather write about how Tybalt stabs his beloved enemy Mercutio to death and having a deep depression glorious moment until he is killed by jealous grieving Romeo. +sigh+ Well, maybe sometime…XD
Well, I don´t think the story is very good, because I had faaaar too little space (1 page maximum <.<), but it´s Valentine´s Day…the ideal time to publish a dark lovestory. XD


See it as my official Valentine present for everyone who reads my blog.^^

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