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Winter´s arrival

Mood: melancholic
Listening to: Rosenstolz – Wenn du jetzt aufgibst
Current obsession: Trillian…kinda

Vor Dir der Berg,
Du glaubst Du schaffst es nicht.
Doch dreh Dich um
und sieh,
wie weit Du bist.
Im Tal der Tränen liegt auch Gold.
Komm, lass es zu,
daß Du es holst.

From one second to the other they were there. White, dancing snowflakes. <3 It was very cold this morning, but I did not expect it to snow…´cause we did not have anything like „winter“ so far (okay, exept for one day in…dunno…was it December?). I really like snow, but at the same time it makes me feel a bit melancholic…or is it that enduring state of mind of mine? Geez, I´m so emo…xputs on her hoodx

Computers can be bitches, you know? And mine is the Queen of all bitchy computers. I have the strong feeling that something is terribly wrong with it. I downloaded Trillian yesterday, you know, this all-inclusive messenger programme which includes AIM, MSN & IRC at the same time. This is very useful, because I don´t have to open aim AND msn (for mail checking) concurrently. Well, but in first place I wanted the direct connection to work again, so that I could send my buddies images & such. This stopped to work since we got a Router (Did I mention that my router is a bitch as well?)…but NOW!!! Just a few minutes ago it worked (even with Mey XD)!!xsob!x So happy…and it took me long enough. <.< PC Bitch…

I joined a brand new Death Note RPG community yesterday. <3 It is in english language, though, but I don´t think this´ll be a big problem…for me, at least. XD Maybe I will find some nice RPG partners. :3

OH YES!!! I just HAVE to babble about DN Episode 17!!! X3 xsquealsx This was definitely one of the best episodes so far…and I was kinda confused… so much COMEDY?? In DEATH NOTE?? o.O xwaves neglected!Matsuda & Uberseme!Aizawa (Shota XD) bannerx Okay, the beginning was kinda psychotic… Chief Yagami is so…so…omg.
And, the classic scene: xL & Light are chained with each otherx Misa-Misa went like this: „Two guys chained together…?!? OMFG, Light, are you sure he is not THAT way??“ XDXD~~ Great, great cinema! I LOVE the way L and Misa are subtly bitching at each other. XD Looking forward to the next episodes…the CHAINED Episodes!<3<3<3

Well…this was it. XD

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