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Agreements & square dance

Mood: relieved
Listening to: In Extremo – Spielmannsfluch
Current obsession: How do you spell that?

Du verfluchter Mörder, du Fluch des Spielmann Tun
Umsonst sei all dein Ringen, mit Blut befleckt dein Tun
Des Königs Namen meldet kein Lied, kein Heldenbuch
Versunken und vergessen – das ist des Spielmanns Fluch

First of all: Gotta LOVE Light´s „I´m feeling SUPER, thanks for asking!!!!“-face! XD~~
Second: No, I´m not gonna become a murderer +points to lyrics+ XD I just looove that song, especially the last line gives me goosebumps. <3

Well, I´m feeling a bit better today, in comparison to the last few days. Had a very relieving talk yesterday and was able to sleep well and deeply.^^ Now there is just one more thing that outs pressure on my heart…but for that I´ll just have to wait… not a nice feeling either, but I prefer suspense over being aware that I should move but do nothing. Even though waiting is hard, especially because I read a kinda disturbing blog entry yesterday…

+shake, shake+ Yesterday was also the first lesson of my new sport course, dancing. XD~ My muscles still hurt, but everytime I think about those…moves I can´t help but laugh very hard…I mean, bending over while a second person is stand right behind you with his/her hands on your hips and his/her knee between your legs….what would YOU think of??XD Geez, this was a lemoncourse for beginners!
„Dancing“ itself was also funny…a mixture between hip-hop and square dancing. XD Looking forward to the next lesson…even though I don´t get most of the dancing steps.+n00b+

As you might have noticed, I added a shoutbox to my menue, so it is possible to give comments/greetings/spam even if the comment function doesn´t work. (+looks to Irena+ Could it be that you have a pop-up blocker installed that blocks my comment windows?o.o) Just for the fun of it.

Gweh, have to go to the „Abibuch“ committee very soon…=_= I don´t feel like it.

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