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Strange Priorities

Mood: being gutted
Listening to: Zeraphine – United & Lost
Current obsession: nothing at all

We’re walking along the infinite path
While we are shaking from the fear inside
It’s rising gently and thin
But we sense nothing, we don’t feel a thing
If I know what you would say next
What I could tell you – you know too
So we stopped talking,
Now we’re holding back silent screams

Hm, some people have strange priorities. Being hostile and offending to a friend rather than accepting a jesting comment about some totally unknown person is not exactly what I expect of friendship. But, oh well, I guess I should think my opinion over and accept that there are more important/interesting/prior-ranking things than a best friend. This makes me sad and sick, screw it. Especially because that person doesn´t even seem to notice.

Yesterday I met my friend Felix in the city center, which was a welcome alternation from the gloomy daily grind I put myself during the last few days. We went to a bowling alley…a very expensive bowling alley, but it was fun, though. x_x I lost twice and today my whole body is aching…need to do more sports. After that we went to a skyline café (sounds gut, but it was nothing but the highest floor of a big shopping mall. XD) and talked for about…three hours, I think. I really enjoyed that, and even more because I felt a bit lonely lately. This afternoon made me think again about how fast everything is changing… Felix tries to get a new, better job in several game engeering corporations…even though this means that he would have to move away. I deeply hope that one of the companies will employ him, but yet I feel sad that he will go away from the area for it. I mean, we have been friends for such a long time, and even though there were some difficulties in the past I still think that I´d miss him
Well, that´s the way life goes…people come and go…

Tomorrow will be the first day of the second school semester and I am SO not motivated. Bleh.

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