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Every step that I take
is another mistake to you.

Yeaaah, it happened again, a new layout. XD BUT that´s not all! I changed my blog script again – so bye-bye wordpress and HELLO to „Serendipity“ (s9y)! <3 I hope this will do it…since there were so many problems with the old comment system that I just couldn´t fix…v.v But there´s a new problem with this: Everything written in stars (like *ARGH!* or *blinks*) will be displayed as bold.*faints* But I think this is still better than disappearing comments and such (at least I HOPE they won´t disappear). XD
Since I had to import all my old wordpress-entries, they are a bit messed up, so don´t be surprised when you should browse through the entries past this one. XD

I really love this layout…it´s simple but yet functional.<3 And it features LIGHT and L!!<3<3 Now the blog title really fits the content, hehehe.

Well, since I have nothing more interesting things to tell, have fun with this music survey I found & took <3


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