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utter confusion

Mood: gloomy
Listening to: Leaves Eyes – Farewell proud men
Current obsession: hrm…dunno

Farewell, proud men.
Spirits will guide you…
May they save you

Since I have finished my work for today I thought it would be a good idea to look around and fix some web things… I kinda disregarded these sort of things during the last week(s), but I just didn´t feel like doing something. Hm.  What can I tell? My father´s constituzion did not change at all…sometimes he feels good and can get up, but not later than a few hours he starts to feel miserable and has to go back to bed. Something is still wrong with his wound and his next medical appointment will be next week… I wonder when this is going to come to an end. Fortunately, I will have a short holiday period from next Wednesday to Sunday…semester certifications, yay. x.x It´s strange, even though all of my last exams were extraordinary good (must be the stress *lol*), I got worse grades than last year…<.< Screw you, teachers. Especially my German teacher…thank you for messing up my GPA, bitch. 38 more days of school left, YAY! Hm, I don´t really know what to tell…I suddenly feel like setting up a new layout…@.@ Maybe I will do so… and maybe I will feel insprired by it again…carnicular days…

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