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Php – ohje!

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Well guess what yo, f**k you right back!!

Seems as if some higher instance is against my plans… my plan for last night was to sleep, and I went to bed quite early (after watching „Deutschland sucht den Superstar“, muaha <<;;) and fell asleep immedietly…….two hours later I sat perpendicularly in my bed, eyes wide open and listened to some GODDAMN squirrels that seemed to have something like a midnight quickie right over my head. A.R.G.H. Somebody shoot the squirrels…please…

Well, the squirrels are lucky that I´m now not as tired as I was yesterday…school was boring as usual, three lessons, that was it. But when I came home I had the sudden urge to DO something…everyone who knows me a bit better can tell what that means : Noi is going to work on some web-crap (the absurdity makes me being poetic…). Well, I just moved my blog to four days ago and I was already pissed by the blogprovider-typical sorts of weak points the blog has…it?s still better than LJ, but I HATE imperfect pages, especially if they´re mine. XD So I challenged an evil, best-known enemy from the past…the nightmare of my sleepless nights….PHP. I figured out before that wordpress also offered a blogging script, so I tried the whole thing…MSQL-database, FTP-upload, re-writing here, parabels there~ BUT I managed it! ;__; It took me three hours, but know I have a fast, easy, comfortable and NICE database + blog <3<3<3 Maybe I can do some other things with php from now on, hmm…now that I know how it basically works. XD I have always wanted a gallery…sigh!

Of course, the new layout features L again…poor little freak, he deserves being the top of my page far longer than just four days…because L IS LOVE!!*waves to Mey* <3 There are still some things to do, but it seems as if the comment function works properly now…@_@ *faints*

Oh, and I must not forget it…guess who turned 2 years today…~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAMIE!!<3<3

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